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Electronic Submission package

ES is a software to manage electronic submission for conferences. At present I do NOT distribute the software. You have to contact the authors (Fabio) in order to use it for your own conference. It has been written from scratch for one of the Swiss Chemical Society (SCS) Meetings (back in 2004) and has been improved with the collaboration of one of the chairman (Dr. Daniel Stahl). A second SCS Meeting took place and collaboration with Ferdinand Wild changed the simple php code to a tool for conferences. PD Hans Peter Luethi contributed to the fine tuning (and much more details) of the latest version (2010-2012) . It addresses small/medium size meetings (tested up to 500 participants) and does not include extra service: hotels and/or credit card payments. It is not yet freely distributed because it is not yet a "plug and play" simple installation tool.

Needed Tools Limitations
  • MySQL (Database System)
  • PHP (Version >= 4.0)
  • Perl (Only for the installation/configuration)
  • Benchmarks on LAMP (Linux,Apache,MySQL,PHP) and known to run on Microsoft Platforms. At present it is Java/cookies free: pure HTML on client side.
  • It is simple and should run on any environment.
  • Only few tests on quality of inserted information.
  • Partial check on format of submitted documents
  • You need an IT person to install it
  • No interface to any payment service and/or hotel reservation.
  • No facilities for automated post procedures (mailing, indexes, etc)
Features On a TODO list
  • Easy configuration of presented/required fields (You choose!)
  • Runtime web interface for administrators and reviewers.
  • Users can edit their submission.
  • It is fully plain HTML and can easily integrate personalised CSS.
  • Submitted documents check, before registration
  • Double submission check
  • A configuration GUI
Contact and DEMO Keywords
  • mailform, formmail, guest-book, form.
  • online, registration, conference, booking, submission.