This are the keywords I collected during the years
 Keyword  Alt-Keyword  Meaning Me from Me what Notes
Minix - -  Hacker One of my playgrounds
BSD Unix    Professional 
DOS - Disk Operating System1990 ProfessionalHigh Level Expert
MS-DOS  - MS-DOS see DOS 1990 Professional Memory handling see DR-DOS
DR-DOS- Digital Reasearch DOS 1990 Hacker At that time there was a memory allocation problem.
I knew all the sys details of this OS.
 OS2 OS2 Warp Operating system 2 1990 HackerOne of the most beautiful system ever for the time. I am not sure which part of the commercialization they did wrong but this was the best thing you could have on your desktop.
Not even! One of the best thing for open source. I installed a full gnu command suite on this system. l loved it!
Win 3.11Networked Win 3 1990 Professional The network system was a nightmare but I interfaced it with linux
Win 2000     
 Network Protocols     
TCP/IP -Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol 1990 Hacker I new all the TCP/IP protocols as user and a bit of details on the packching 
NetBios - 1990 Hacker This was the Win 3.11 network which was still a bit confused
SMB -Today is SAMBA 1990 Hacker I worked on these systems from start to end.
 fortran - fortran 1987Hacker  I never had to deal with pinched cards but I Know the meaning.
 fortran IV - fortan IV 2010Hacker  I had to deal with some device which would accept only some fortran aligned data