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Fabio Mariotti




  • Science: Physics, Chemistry, Theoretical, Quantum, Computational, Software, complex, Networks, Similarity, Recommender system, information filtering, data mining.
  • Models: development, implementation.
  • IT: Unix, Linux, Programming, Optimization, Administration, Clusters, Security, parallel, HPC.
  • Programming Languages: Fortran, C, C++, C#, Perl, PHP, Python, HTML, SQL, javascript, octave/matlab, Django and scripting
  • Data: analysis, storage, representation, statistics, interfaces, GUI, graphics
  • Web: LAMP, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Python, HTTP, TCP/IP, HTML, XML, javascript, AJAX, Django

Current Activities

Maintainer of software:

Main Details



  • Web: quality, recommendations and trust, social networks, search algorithms, information filtering
  • Data representation, statistics, storage
  • HPC, parallelization, algorithms optimization, code re-usability
  • Ab-initio Global PES: symmetry related problems, parallel implementation, PES quality
  • chirality, parity violation, symmetry
  • Continuous Symmetry Measure (CSM)
  • Still the Hamiltonians: HF, CI, CAS, MRCI, CCSD(T) series


  • A complete detailed CV is available under request at: info@this.site
  • I do have hobbies ;)
  • You can write me in Italian, English, French, very simple German and Spanish (order does matter). I can write you back in Italian, English or no-grammar German